Apartment Security

Protect Us Security services has a longstanding reputation for professional, incident-free security guard services.

Concierge/Front Desk

In our rapid moving lives, the last concern of an owner should be the security of their residential buildings.

Condominium Security

A condominium security is a community of its own, with unique reception and safety needs for residents and visitors.

Construction Security

Often times these sites contain millions and millions of dollars in equipment, materials, and other valuables.

Hospital Security

For this type of special task, Protect Us Security only deploys the most courteous and well-mannered security guards.

Mobile Patrol Security

We specialize in mobile security patrols with a visible presence in various Calgary communities. Protect-US Patrols are tailored to the clients requirements

Retail Security

When it comes to Retail stores, they have lots to lose when it comes to security – because a violation of the safety of citizens.

Security Guards

All the Protect-US Security Guards are licensed and highly trained, which enable them to provide support in many different situations.

Storage Facilities Security

You can’t put too high a price on security when you’re looking at storage facilities. After all, we take the time to make sure that our home is adequately secure .

Industrial Security

Industrial sites not only need a static security guard and CCTV, but fencing and security signs is a positive way of directing any potential criminals away from the site.

Warehouse Security

From warehouses to factories that are often vast, open air, remote locations it can be extremely challenging to secure these areas.

Schools/University Security

Security cares about the safety of your children while they're at school. Unfortunately we are living in an era where school violence has dominated the headlines in recent years.

Parking Enforcement

Through our training and supervision, we ensure accurate ticketing and responsive patrolling of lots.