Mobile Patrol Security In Los Angeles & Orange County CA

Protect-US mobile patrol units In Los Angeles & Orange County CA are equipped with real-time reporting and GPS location verification technology, which allow us to offer a service guarantee by providing 100% mobile trips & inspections of your location.

  • State-of-the-art technology enables our clients to receive live feeds/reports from their property. Protect-US clients will be able to login with provided credentials and receive emails to see each trips details in real time e/g inspection details, notes, lock-up procedures etc. Officer will also be capable of uploading picture from the site, which can be an effective time saving tool in many situations.
  • Our Location verification works by defining a virtual fence for each site with only purpose to restrict false information, incorporating Geo-Fencing concept. Which means officer will only be able to post information for a particular site while the mobile unit is physically present within the marked boundaries. Arrival and departure times are automatically captured as unit enters/exit virtual fence.

Protect-US specialize in mobile security patrols with a visible presence in various Calgary communities. Protect-US Patrols are tailored to the clients requirements and provide early crime detection, and deters would be criminals and vandals from attempting to gain access to premises.